Private Money Lenders

Are you seeking private money lender in Colorado? We at Braco RealtyCapital, are a group of professionals you can trust.

When an investor finds a good deal from the real estate world, he/she requires a loan to get a hold of that property. Going the traditional way for this purpose is not always a wise option, as there are several hurdles and the process can be time taking. The investors in such cases can connect with private money lenders like the team of Braco Realty Capital.

Unlike a bank loan, you need not wait for months for the financing to process. We ensure that everything is executed quickly so that you don’t miss out on a good deal.

Getting a loan from traditional lending institutions comes with tedious documentation. Our team makes sure that you have fewer guidelines and hurdles, thereby minimizing the hassles.

We don’t have rigid guidelines that give tough time to investors while seeking a loan for a specific type of property and for a specific period. The financing is dynamic and can fit your needs in terms of property type and situation.

There is no hidden fee associated with our lending solution. Everything is kept transparent and easy to understand for our clients. It is due to these features that the real estate investors and developers from Colorado prefer using our services whenever they are looking for private lenders or institutional ones.   If you’re in a time crunch on, have a distressed property, or have a credit blemish yourself, we can overcome those hurdles with some private money and close a transaction in as little as a week.   We offer solutions for office spaces, hotels, shopping complex, multifamily units, special purpose and land.

Connect with us today with your needs, and we will ensure you receive the amount in the least possible time.