Multifamily Loans

Colorado Multifamily Loans

Are you searching multifamily loans in Colorado? We at Braco Realty Capital, have the best solutions for you.

From Fannie Mae, to Freddie Mac, to Insurance Company and Bank Portfolio Programs, we have conventional programs to cover small to large apartment deals.   We also have hedge fund programs for bulk condos that are being leased, and residential single family portfolios.

A multifamily loan is the type of financing that one obtains on the basis of receivables related to the leases of the individual units in a residential building. A multifamily residential structure is supposed to possess five or more units to be considered as a commercial real estate property, and most programs are for apartment buildings, but occasionally there are needs for bulk condos being rented out, or for people that own portfolios of rented single family residences.

One benefit many investors find from investing in multifamily properties is that there is greater stability in cashflow from investing in a large quantity of units vs. a single unit.   For example, when three or four tenants vacate in a 300 unit property, the impact to the revenue is minimal, unlike if a tenant moves out of a single family home, the revenue is completely gone and at mercy of retenanting quickly.   Also, when you have multiple properties at a single site, managing it also becomes easier. You can either hire management service or take care of it yourself.

Entities and individuals that invested in the distressed single family real estate market during 2009-2012 and beyond can have dozens of properties to manage and usually hire outside help to keep up with the properties.  Sometimes littered across large geographical area from distressed note portfolio sales from banks and agencies, it was a tough road to manage initially.  But buying at cheap prices,these landlords benefit from the ability to retenant below market rates quickly if need be, and with the appreciation in market value in the single family market since the downturn, has proved the strategy a very viable investment.  There are many debt and hedge funds that see the viability of it and offer price competitive notes to these portfolio lenders.

Whatever the scenario may be, our team will make sure you don’t face many hassles.  We can evaluate a loan scenario within a few hours and give a quote within 24 hours.  So whether you are looking to purchase, renovate, or refinance a note coming due, contact one of our representatives to guide you through the whole process.