Commercial Mortgage Broker

Commercial Mortgage Broker Hawaii & Colorado

Getting the a loan for commercial real estate can be a daunting challenge.  We at Braco Realty Capital try to make it easy process from start finish with a simplified process.  Gives a call or shoot us an email and we can ask some simple questions to get a handle on the situation and then make appropriate recommendations.   With a few questions ansewered and sometimes some simple paperwork, (like a rent roll, income statement) we should be able to give a quote on what program would best suite your needs and what rate and terms would entail.

Wahtever the hiccup might be, we are creative and come up with tailor made solutions for the property, the situation and the business plan for the future of the property.   No need to do a Securitized mortgae for a property you plan to hold less than five years.  CMBS loans are notorious for stiff prepayment penalties, and/or yield maintenance and just aren’t worth it unless you are a long term hold.

We at Braco Realty Capital can overcome many challenges with the property, location or the sponsor.   Just be upfront and honest with us from the get go and we will figure out a solution to let you take advantage of the opportunity you are in.

We offer commercial loans in Colorado, and the rest of the nation.  Even have some experience internationally in Mexico.

We have ties with high net worth individuals and financial institutions, which makes it easier to obtain the best financing for our clients. You need not try and spend hours trying to figure out where to get a good deal on a commercial mortgage, when you have us with the knowledge of the capital markets to do it for you.   Save money, time and energy by working with a professional commercial broker whom are experts, and possess decades of experience, that offer flexible solutions to match your needs.

Braco Realty Capital has already served developers constructing retail centers, office buildings, condominium projects and more.   We have worked with investors on acquiring and refinancing apartments, office buildings, hotels, industrial space and more.

All these features have made us one of the most trusted commercial mortgage lenders in Colorado. Connect with us today for details on programs andguidelines.