Make sure your private money lender from Colorado is reputable

Private Money Lender Connecting with a private money lender for loan comes with multiple benefits. You get loans quickly, with minimum paperwork and fewer hassles. It is imperative that your lender is reputable. To ensure this, you need to ask some questions over phone or in-person. Ask for how long they have been in the [...]

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Fast turnaround is one of the major advantages of hard loan

Hard Money Loans In the last few years, numerous investors from Colorado have started relying on hard loans. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of this loan is fast turnaround time. When compared conventional bank financing, these loans are processed quickly. Some lenders may even approve the loan on the same day. They [...]

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Commercial real estate loans: Private lenders vs. Banks

An investor seeking Colorado commercial loan often finds it difficult to choose between private lenders and banks. To help you get some clarity, we have discussed the features of both. Banks The loans are usually long-term, up to 20 years or more. The banks and other financial institutions are associated with rigid requirements related to [...]

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5 Essential Facts About Bridge Loans

When one thinks about loans to fund their short-term needs, three major types come to mind: personal loan, demand loan, and bridge loan. Among these, bridge loans have gained traction in the last years, especially in Hawaii. To help you learn more about this form of lending, we have discussed five essential facts related to [...]

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Financing your first commercial property? Follow these tips

If you are about to venture into the world of commercial property investment, there are chances that financing might look daunting. We have discussed some essential tips to help you get a commercial loan for office, retail, multifamily, hospitality or a specialty property in Colorado. Know your property’s value Lenders consider those borrowers somewhat unprofessional [...]

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